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A star waiting to shine...
Born to hunger, fed by misery,
by the roadside, I live
Dozens pass by me, some stare,
Not a smile of empathy, never a look of care
  The red light spells food,
every coin another morsel of bread
Days turn into months, months to years,
it is the same road I tread
Every morning, across the road,
children get into a bus that takes them to school
Their mothers look on, waving them goodbye
and off they go, without a care in the world
  Every evening the bus returns
the children alight, amidst gay banter
into their mother's loving arms,
and back to their homes they canter
I often look at them and wonder,
why are my days not like theirs - full of fun, not strife
why are my nights not like theirs - filled with peace, not fear
why this punishment, that I must endure all my life?
  Could there be a day, when I get into the bus too?
a day when I can study, play, laugh... a day without sorrow
a day when I can be a child again,
a day when I can look forward to a tomorrow
A thousand aspirations fill my heart,
a million dreams, my eyes...
Hold my hand and I can reach for the sky,
I am but a star waiting to shine...
© 2007 Enable Child Foundation All rights reserved.